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  1. yoyojoe11 Jan 04, 2011

    you click the join button i think idk mabey you cant see it all i have is a leave button and its at the bottom right on the page mabey thats where u click idk

  2. huntess11 Oct 03, 2010

    How do I join? That's my question.

  3. yoyojoe11 Aug 24, 2010

    hi hi all im back

    merged: 09-17-2010 ~ 05:47am
    *sigh* no one is one again i think ill have to remodel the group?

  4. mick-klaassen Feb 03, 2010

    this group has been inactive for a long time
    time for me to say...

  5. angelxxuan Banned Member May 22, 2009

    *waves* I was debating that to be the problem for some of the people around here, niece's last day is today too

  6. yoyojoe11 May 22, 2009

    sorry im not on much but schools over so i should be on more to all you fools that think im dead >_<

  7. mick-klaassen May 20, 2009


  8. angelxxuan Banned Member May 14, 2009

    yeah mick until I notice more life to the group I'm not going to bother -_- haven't heard much from the creator/s either so I'll just let it be and stuff but thanks thou ^_^

  9. mick-klaassen May 14, 2009

    hey angelxxuan maybe gimp helps
    because gimp has gimp-fu which makes a button for u

  10. angelxxuan Banned Member May 03, 2009

    thanks mick do you know how to do layouts and make banner buttons hehe I am trying to figure that out now ^_^ layout is pretty good but now I need to learn to make more stuff

  11. mick-klaassen May 02, 2009

    if i can help in some way just ask :-)

  12. angelxxuan Banned Member May 01, 2009

    I think now I can see everything can you...I was on ie yesterday and this group looks simple but cute, I think anyways ^_^ and thanks again for joining hehe now I need more people to join to give this group some life ^_^

  13. mick-klaassen Apr 30, 2009

    nor the links
    yup nice

  14. angelxxuan Banned Member Apr 28, 2009

    hiya mick and welcome I just realized I need to change the font color I can't see user names ^_^

    merged: 04-28-2009 ~ 09:39pm
    hmm this seems to work, a bit girly a bit manly ^_^

  15. mick-klaassen Apr 28, 2009

    hey angelxxuan i'll join your group

  16. angelxxuan Banned Member Apr 03, 2009

    hiya I just joined thanks for sharing more about the group to me if you need any help with the group then don't hesitate to ask for it I'm pretty good at mod/admin ^^

    merged: 04-15-2009 ~ 10:23pm
    since I have no way to edit the group this group is sort of "dead" and will be deleted if no activity or new members come along, you could post a small intel about the group, like for the admin, maybe some different colors and by all means the auto start might scare people away so you might want to make it where it doesn't auto start just a few ideas to start off with

    merged: 04-18-2009 ~ 11:01pm
    new layout hope it's somewhat better than nothing...sorry but this is all that I can do html wise I don't know how to do layouts but I am trying to learn but to no prevail

    merged: 04-19-2009 ~ 10:06pm
    I noticed there was no vampyre active group out there so guess what there is now ^_^ if not then I'll take that part out but vampyre/werewolf/hybrid are also warriors of the shadows and this purple on pink is annoying I need to fix this hehe

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